Lens care

Lens care

General Instructions for lens care:

•Always wash the hands with soap before handling contact lenses, and take care that the contact lens case is clean.
•Before removing a lens from the eye, it is recommended to moisten the lens with two or three drops of saline solution or wetting drops.
•Substances produced especially for use with soft contact lenses must be used. 
•Note the date of opening of the bottle.  Do not use the solution after the bottle has been open for eight to ten weeks. 
•Do not reuse solutions.

•Keep solutions in a cool, dark place.
•The contact lens case should be changed at least once every three months.
•It is recommended to send lenses to a laboratory for cleaning every three months.

The instructions on this page are intended as recommendations only.  Appropriate procedures for the care of contact lenses, as recommended by the eye care practitioner, must be strictly followed.

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